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Well Seniors Services

Our multidisciplinary health team has developed a series of classes, information sessions and workshops specifically for those who are 65+ and interested in living well.

Anticoagulation Service Team (for patients taking warfarin)

Have you been started on a medication called warfarin (Coumadin©) (also referred to as a blood thinner) for your medical condition?


Once your family doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes, he or she may recommend that you have an individual consult with a member of our diabetes team or attend one of our diabetes workshops.

Clinical Pharmacist

The Clinical Pharmacist is a medication expert, who works directly with the healthcare team and does not dispense medications.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our intention is to enhance your mental health and wellbeing as we support you in moving through life transitions and health challenges with greater ease.

Registered Dietitian

Our registered dietitians can help you to improve your health or manage an existing medical condition through nutrition and lifestyle.

Injection Clinic

You can receive injections prescribed by your doctor or nurse practitioner such as: —B12 shots Allergy shots Flu shots Shingles vaccine and more...