Urban Pole Walking Group (1.5 hours, 4 sessions)

Are you looking to be more active? Join us and experience how walking can be fun and engaging with Urban Poles. Urban poling is like cross country skiing without the skis. The poles are designed to help you burn calories, tone your core, improve posture, and take pressure off your back and joints. The activity is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels, and poles will be provided during the sessions. Sessions will be guided by 2 Certified Urban Pole Instructors that will walk you through the basic techniques of urban poling.

Heart Health (1.5 hour class)

Learn how nutrition and healthy eating can help you keep your heart healthy. Explore nutrition strategies for improving your cholesterol and lowering your blood pressure. In this workshop, learn how to read Nutrition Labels and practice this new skill to help you make healthy food choices at the grocery store.

The Change, Menopause Workshop (1.5 hour, 2 sessions)

In a relaxed environment, join us as we talk about the physiological, emotional, and life transitions associated with 'The Change'. We will discuss common symptoms women experience, as well as pharmacological and wellness strategies to relieve symptoms. Tips for physical and emotional health are offered. Participants are invited to reflect upon opportunities as well as challenges that 'The Change' brings. The workshop is guided by members of our family health team including a Dietitian, Nurse, Social Worker, and Pharmacist.

Pre-Diabetes (2 hour class)

Learn about your blood sugars and what it means to have pre-diabetes. Learn how food affects blood sugars and how to manage your blood sugars through various nutrition strategies to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Conversations (2 hour class)

Part 1: Learn about your blood sugars and how to manage diabetes. Part 2: Explore how food affects blood sugars and how to manage through healthy eating and staying active. Part 3: Managing your medication.

Infant Nutrition (1.5 hour class)

Learn how to provide healthy nutrition to your infant and create a healthy feeding relationship. RD’s answer questions on when and how to introduce solids, how much your infant should eat, and creating a healthy eating environment.

Healthy You (2 hour, 6 sessions)

A six week program that focuses on lifestyle changes that may help you reach and maintain a healthier body weight or shape. Topics include nutrition, physical activity, self-esteem, the environment, and habits/behaviours that affect your body size. The aim of the program is to help you make lifelong lifestyle changes, using goal setting and planning to work towards them. This program does not focus on 'dieting'.

Persistent Pain (1.5 hour, 2 sessions)

A 2 part introductory workshop to assist you in coping with persistent pain. Learn about strategies, skills, and resources that can support you in addressing the challenges related to living with persistent pain.

Shop Smart, Eat Smart (1.5 hour class)

Meal planning and making healthy food choices can be a challenge for older adults. Come join us in this interactive grocery tour and learn to become a savvy food shopper. We will review nutrition label reading, simple meal ideas for one or two, shopping on a budget, food safety, and lots more. The tour will be led by a Dietitian and take place at Metro Cloverdale Mall.

All services are available for patients who are enrolled with an EMC FHT family physician.