Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction- MBSR (2 hour, 8 sessions)

“Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Kinn Building our capacity to respond to life stress is the focus of this 8 week training program. Mindfulness is cultivated through the introduction of an array of meditations, presentation and reflection. Practice is expected between sessions

*Participants must attend a scheduled orientation prior to the first session.

Mindfulness Retreat *NEW* (4 hour session)

Open to participants of current Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction (MBSR) and Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) programs, as well as to all graduates of previous EMC FHT MBSR or MSC programs. Our Mindfulness Retreat offers and opportunity to deepen and strengthen your mindfulness practice. Activities include guided meditations, exercises, reflections, and sharing a mindful meal.
Please bring your own lunch and dress for the weather.

Mindful Self Compassion (2.5 hour, 8 sessions)

The essence of Mindful Self Compassion is learning how to be with ourselves in kinder more compassionate ways. Self kindness, a sense of common humanity and mindful awareness are the core components of the empirically supported 8 session training program. Sessions include presentations, meditations, experiential exercises, discussions and home practices.

Mind over Mood (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression and Anxiety) REFERRAL ONLY (2 hour, 8 sessions)

Teaches you to identify your thoughts, moods, behaviours and physical reactions in small situations as well as during major life events. You will learn to test the meaning and usefulness of various thoughts locking into dysfunctional moods, behaviours and relationship interactions. In addition, you will learn how to make changes in your life when your thoughts are alerting you to problems that need to be solved. 'Mind over Mood' provides structure that can help you process efficiently and rapidly in making changes. Speak to your family physician to see if this workshop is right for you.

The Change, Menopause Workshop (1.5 hour class)

In a relaxed environment, join us as we takl about the physiological, emotional and life transitions associated with 'The Change'. We will discuss common symptoms women experience, as well as pharmacological and wellness strategies to relieve symptoms. Tips for physical and emotional health are offered. Participants are invited to reflect upon opportunities as well as challenges that 'The Change' brings.
The workshop is guided by members of our family health team including a Dietitian, Nurse, Social Worker, and Pharmacist.

Sleep Well(1.5 hour, 2 sessions)

Learn about behavioural strategies to address restless sleep and learn about techniques aimed at breaking patterns related to sleep problems, managing worry, understanding the role of medication, and trying out new strategies to help improve your sleep routine.

Urban Pole Walking Group (1.5 hour, 4 sessions)

Are you looking to be more active? Join us and experience how walking can be fun and engaging with Urban Poles. Urban poling is like cross country skiing without the skis. The poles are designed to help you burn calories, tone your core, improve posture, and take pressure off your back and joints. The activity is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels, and poles will be provided during the sessions.

Sessions will be guided by 2 Certified Urban Pole Instructors that will walk you through the basic techniques of urban poling.


All services are available for patients who are enrolled with an EMC FHT family physician.