Clinical Pharmacist

The Clinical Pharmacist is a medication expert, who works directly with the healthcare team and does not dispense medications.

If you are having trouble taking your medications, taking multiple medications, have questions about your medications, or are experiencing any side effects, you may benefit from seeing the Clinical Pharmacist.

Our Clinical Pharmacist offers the following services to patients and their families:

  • Assessment of how you use your medications and recommendations based on patient needs and best evidence.
  • Education regarding how your medications work, how they help you stay healthy, and strategies to help you take them.
  • Discussion of possible side effects of medications and tips to help you deal with them.
  • Checking for possible drug interactions with other prescriptions and non-prescription medications such as herbals, vitamins, and homeopathic medications.
  • Review of the proper use of inhalers, insulin, glucometers, blood pressure machines, and dosettes.

Sleep Well (1.5 hour, 2 sessions)

Learn about behavioural strategies to address restless sleep and learn about techniques aimed at breaking patterns related to sleep problems, managing worry, understanding the role of medication, and trying out new strategies to help improve your sleep routine.

The Change, Menopause Workshop(1.5 hour)

Be part of a relaxed environment where we can discuss the physiological changes associated with 'the change'. We will discuss common symptoms women may experience as well as some pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies to relieve these symptoms. Tips for emotional, and physical well being around this time.

This workshop will be guided by some of our healthcare team members including registered dietitians, nurses, social workers, and clinical pharmacist.

Come out, share and learn about menopause and the surrounding experience.

Diabetes Conversations (2 hour, 3 sessions)

Part 1: Learn about your blood sugars and how to manage diabetes.

Part 2: Explore how food affects blood sugars and how to manage through healthy eating and staying active.

Part 3: Managing your medication.

Urban Poling (1.5 hour, 4 sessions)

Are you looking to be more active? Join us and experience how walking can be fun and engaging with Urban Poles. Urban poling is like cross country skiing without the skis. The poles are designed to help you burn calories, tone your core, improve posture, and take pressure off your back and joints. The activity is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels, and poles will be provided during the sessions.

Sessions will be guided by 2 Certified Urban Pole Instructors that will walk you through the basic techniques of urban poling.

All services are available for patients who are enrolled with an EMC FHT family physician.